Codeine, Glue & You

My fire's burning low as my song grinds out on the radio, I just want to move you slow and low and shoot my eight ball in your corner pocker hole, "life's a gas" or so it seems you know i blow a fuse when you come in my dreams, I've got this fear no kiss can cover I know we need no help to hurt each other, if ^ were ( i'd lose my mind yet i go crazy for you all the time little motorhead don't you whine there'll be some peace at the end of the line, if sic were nine if six were nine, demolition delicious-don't listen-don't hate sex- like a shot of speedway methadrine coming on like a hot-head machine she's my only teenage dream- if you know what i mean

Suicide Jag

Feel so bad and broken day in and day out, confused and annoyed it's all I feel I think about, the voices all around you starting to make you blind, 12 o'clock tick toc come on baby now it's brain washing time, morning will come and your still be trapped here in you cage, I'll be gone far away, the King is dead long live the fucking King, there used to be a time when I'd do almost any little thing for you, I see you now and my stomach's balled up in a knot, I feel the cold knife blade of disgust in my gut like a shot- you can fuck me and i hate you, you can hate me and i fuck you, isn't that what this is all about- the future's not all it's cracked up to be, bloated in the daylight dead eyes seldom see your empire's in flames and your kingom's out of power the emperor is dead and on his grave are crushed a dozen dead flowers


Chemical Halo

chemical halo burning bright in a sodium haze, all meaning is lost but this confusion remains, I'm going to tear myself apart if I can't get myself together, and spread my pieces around like waste and give my gift of stormy weather, every time I move I feel like something's broken, everytime I laugh I feel like maybe I'm choking, I know you'd laugh too but it's not that funny anymore- I kissed the floor on my way down, a machinehead burning out on the frozen ground- I just want to thank everyone of you for all the things you don't do, for the stab in the back for the kick in the face for the pain in the neck and all the shame and disgrace for the spit in the eye and all the things you say, and all the games you play-for the agony and parody for the pain infliction and the drug addiction, you give them so much strength when you show you're weak, please don't rattle your chains it's better when you're meek, here comes another bad trip another life of no sleep another storm in the dark with the sky pouring down every creature will drown this time there will be no Noah's Arc~ "see you in hell!"


You say you want to know what's going on there's nothing happening here, there's someone moving on the other side but who it is is not to clearm, the mystery is that there's this itch that somehow you just can't scratch and somewhere a blaze is burning that wasn't started with a match, you say you don't know the darkness that's just the color that's around, you say you want to end up real high, so you don't have to touch the ground- get down on your knees if you want to touch the sky you want to see clearly now, you better open up your eyes- voices are talking in the grid, but I can't tell quite what they mean, you tell me that this is how it goes, but i think that that's a bit obscene, you say there's no difference between us the signal's the same and that there's no real kink the slate's been wiped clean and history won't repeat but that's never been the way that I think, wear tyour anger proud and loud and deep, that way I know what I can trust, you grab at a hole and hollow kiss and convince yourself that you will never rust- I've got a wire in the back of my head- get down on your knees if you want to touch the sky, you want to see clearly better poke out you eyes

Elephant Man

mob voices lashes skin from bone the monster attacked the demon alon, broken flesh that lies within trapped inside the demon skin, madness throwing evil glances inside is where the horror dances, hatred' pliers tooth extracting hostile environment discriminating-genetic down pour corrodes my spleen so much less than what I seem, I don't think you know you couldn't understand what it feels like to be the Elephant Man- madness burns a ragged hole into the core of the demon soul, the meek will never inherit the earth they'll be beaten and bandaged and drugged and fucked up and cursed- hide your face!- mob voices lashes skin from bone the monster attacked the demon alone- hide your face!- the meek will never inherit the earth they'll be beaten and bandaged and fucked up and cured- hide your face!!- help me i'm the Elephant Man



shooting blanks relentless pitchblade- microwave and the old collision out of order everything just turns to drool and white- hot indecision the pages burn the stomach churns the cycle turns lose your peace lose your mind crack the eggshell to escape the total trauma suicide deadline- Going Out of My Head!- lying on back in the dark listening to the hum of the machine tricked up wound up wound up trying to break your dreams the watcher seeker hunting out with a hungry eye the destroyer needs to feed it's hard to find the door the lock when your whole life is out of key- Going Out of My Head!- want to slip that needle in want to smell those fumes again want to beat those skins again but there's something wrong there's something wrong- Going Out of My Head!


did you feel that electric high i saw that sugar sparkling hit your eye did you feel it in your blood like lead I saw that buller shooting up and hit the back of your head- this poison feels like heaven like every bad thing that I want to do- she wears her bruised skin a little bit too tight she wants to go out like a sun burning much bright shoot out the moon and the stars in the dead of the night suck up the air and go out with a fight- this prison tastes like heaven to me- feel good, feel good, blow your mind, slow down, make love, get sucked in and fall down, go blank and black out- "feed me now because I'm hungry and lazy you better lock me up before you cause I feel a little crazy there's an Oblivion King stands beside my bed outside the door inside the hole inside my head"- like every bad thing that i want to do let me do it to you- "we don't care if your too young, just come upstars to the sensorium


Summer of Hate

something better this way comes the shaking earth's unstable and coming undone conquer and decimate tell me what have you won raise your flag on the wasteland tell me what have you done- let's kill the light and bring down the night let you chaos rage in the Summer of Hate, its the Summer of Hate- kneel and kiss the hand you can not bite turn a blind eye fed an obvious lie drinking misperception and thinking that we don't see the knifeblade thinks it's time you learned how to bleed the Master ruled with an iron glove your greatest trick was the Summer Of Love but you've grown far secure and we don't think that our anger is about to abate and if you think you're safe you're a little too late cause we've come to kill you in the Summer of Hate- watch your children in the Summer of Hate-