Exile on Mainline
Poisonous, sour demon in my pocket an it's scraping a hole Digging up all through the dark end calibrated to go, Down(x3) Your grip is slipping Down(x3) And the page is ripping Wasting the world away at the bite of your touch the wash of the pasing days seeping out doesn't matter that much Drowning out...no sound, pouring out...upon the ground, raining down... the drain... Down(x3) Morning shapes and your fadin' away Down, down, slowly down metal stressed and it's shaving away round round, round in the ground and I tow???? with me... Down... jerk around and the records skipping, skipping,skipping,skipping

Jesus Christ Porno Star

Roulette's spinning, the wheel of distinction, Darwin's selected you, for total extiction I'm everything you think is wrong with the world, I'm slutty, dirty, little girl.. beaten and scared and mangled, came for love, stayed and strangle... Crown that serpents Proclaim the King Now you went to bend the wrong thing Where everything is wrong and everything is right and everything is wrong and everything is right. The cracks are showin' through Well I've got a message for you There's something changing inside But I know it's a little late. Lick your daughter suck your son Inside, I'm the truly Holy one. Everything that you should stay away from. Infectious, it's all infected The disease is liberated, lurking just out or sight.. we're gonna make it fit in real tight.... a little closer said the spider to the fly... The cracks are showing through Well I've got a message for you There's somethign changing inside But I know it's not right... I am nothing you are nothing we are nothing I am nothing you are nothing we are nothing(x4) nothing at all I am nothing you are nothing we are nothing(x3) nothing at all and it seals inside...

Vera Blue

Vera Blue Scream For you All the streets are blured Heading for a wreck at the end of the world You can tell she's hydrolic... A silver scream in super sonic You can see the mercury smear in her eye Right out of this world And she's lost in this world She's right out of this world She the Andricon Girl... After hours in the valley of downs, tripped-up all over town after 3 she's down on Avenue C, kicking down with the clowns.. Right out of this world and she's lost in this world right out of this world She's the Andricon Girl Livin' in a galaxy At bound out bars, with Jesus Christ Porno Star Running around with a fake little crash and the ??? loud smoking wire??? and an Augustino's Rail Dominatrix of a Butane flame She's terminal blue(repeat) Taking a ride with the pretty things tonight You Know it's wrong but feels so very right Taking a ride with the pretty things tonigh You know it's wrong but it feels so fuckin' right Yea... Vera Blue, What's happened to you?


Closely as a split lip So full is the city Move and skip  swivel in Sink my fingers in your hair the sweat and smell of our liquid affair in a gasoline burn our bodies will churn with a flick of the switch your plugged into the itch Watch your videos all day Rewind and play... play My Battery got a charge with my finger triggering your spark plug I felt that speedy boost when you bent down and licked my boots heady and headed in the direction of Soma crash-car intersection it's called "Why don't we do it in the road?" or at least that's what i'm told Laser branded in rubber Simple little things bound up an tied You can't fly without wings... over oceans of skin bathed in preversion and sin My parasitic needle decending my poisonious grin Your in danger getting stranger all the time My battery got a charge with my finger triggering your spark plug I felt that speedy boost when you bent down and licked my boost heady and heady in the direction of Soma crash-car intersection It's called "Why don't we do it in the road" or at least that's what I'm told...


Lo-Grade Fever

We drove through the blackened streets Overturning by the womb and optic cables shining in the gloom Foul medicines, deaths, the precedent to live a life of laxatives and fables. Signal interference on the High-pitch in-table Burning in the time code(x2) Excellence in the explosion Everyday brings us a bit more out of caution Lo revelations at slow revelations... scratching the light of the horizon Black light heading in the dim blue dawn Turned to press your lips and you were gone Stumbled into overload Burning in the time code(x3)

Electric Molecular

First it seemed electrical another way to stimulate chaos-on-chaos collapsing more everyday Next the wires disrupting molecules exploding combined in acid corroding can not block the signal from the battery to the brain can not block the poison from the trigger to the vein nothing stops the impact in the breakdown lane spinning off the axis madness burning brighter everyday Does it take you into a great beyond? Overflowing slowly, gyrating strobe hang it inside down now you got a magnetic overload EXTO circut in the white hot noise You recognize your demons by the shrinking of their voice Does it take you into a great beyond? Dying the whie light, destructive combination Supernova overload in any toleration Power, hard drive, spin and doubt New sonic dispatch final shout Does it take you to a great beyond (x3)



I tried to bring out to catch a flash with my eye. Not a glimmer all I see, it drove me blind I lost my sight to save my mind Photon flashes in my eye sometimes I wonder where you are shile I'm burning out so fast the down town train is rushing past a thousand loaded chambered shooting stars A blue light swinging overhead this desperation sets my teeth on edge Doubt has taught me how to crawl I stick my fingers in the wall and it's all gone, remove them radiation blues Battery drain (x2) Blue. I got the radiation blues number 2 shade of smoke in my.... You were cast iron loaded nothing stoppin' light the fuse and battery drain (x4) It's all coming down


Darkness, and a scratching, weary noise Darkness and then slowly pictures shudder up in sight A billion streaking images like silvery bubbles surfacing form the deep It's almost always raining, drizzling, misting, slightly, lightly, heavily, but almost always, dripping. The kitchen faucet marking time Camera peers across and washed out black and white two tone Across the back, a color saturated smear Lighting directors guiding high-hats all the time The priest is scratching, he smells milk too much rain Stomach's empty the fridge is bare, nothing to eat They edit in star in the dark??? Descending through it, crackling in the out take sections little stairwells quickly take me up the hall close count zoom to be descending, descending frames skipping, jumping in vertical crash, crashing. The hallway to street sub-let in shadow casting room think as broken glass shards and reflections sparkle the rain's speckled silent It's always raining But that's the way the film runs The screens seem clear, but the final print is always grainy to be strectched Blurs. Larger we watch it and finally just falls away to clips and snap shots of it's former glory Move the frames. The whole world outside. Often running in slow motion Perhaps the projectionist has nodded off into a stupor during the last showing. He elbow hitting the switch. For a second we will leave as the world runs into verse. The energy is all silent. Filmed and jerking nervously back across the streets. Seems like the well's always running backwards. Time is fiction Fiction Time is Fiction So why won't you come lay down with me. You miss pitch bending film loop. And let the acid rain beat down on our bodies.