Check out these cool sites

Suisonic Records- Home of the Electo-Industrial Anarchy Compilation

Gemm- Great site to find those hard to get Chemlab cd's

FifthColvmnRecords - Chemlab albums and t-shirts available here

The Industrial Page great collection of industrial links

Carpe Mortem
cool goth and industrial links and add your own site to the list

Cyberbabies -
A complication in search of a label with bands such as 16volt and Haloblack

The CyberDen
- info bands record labels links and more

HalluciNet- just like the cyberden, record labels links and more

Deterrent Industries- great site for industrial info

Tyranny >For You - links, pics and other cool stuff

My Dark Site-
links info pics

IndustrialnatioN Magazine Official Homepage-
great industrial zine check it out!

Sonic-Boom: Volume II- another cool industrial zine

Digger International Entertainment Booking Ag... -
booking agency for Chemlab and other bands

order some of the complications that Chemlab has appeared on

WaxTrax! Records
-The best industrial label ever!

TVT Records
- great label NIN Gravity Kills G//Z/R Sevendust En Esch

- great site for the industrial fan

WSOU - Seton Hall's Pirate Radio - This is a great radio station! Check out every monday night their industrial show 8-10pm strictly industrial music!

The Current Spins Archives - get reviews of industrial bands

Armageddon: Welcome - order cd's industrial goth EBM etc.. from this site

nails: an extensive collection of nine inch n... - Join the NIN swap banner exchange and check out over 100 pics

Arts and Entertainment - CHEMLAB - Come chat with me on AOL

The Digital Underground - Great aite to purchase industrial cd's

Welcome to The Tank... - This is another great site to order Industrial cd's