New H3llb3ent

Hardcore Vanilla

Here is a bio on H3llb3ent for all you kidz out there

HELLBENT have returned with an unanswerable vengence and its name is

Hardcore Vanilla.

In 1995 Machine Rock/Industrial brains Bryan Black of HALOBLACK and Eric Powell of 16VOLT unleashed

HELLBENT . The first album 0.01, released in 1996, was an experiment in mechanical rock/pop hooks

that caused a roar in the music world and received glowing reviews. Their next album, Helium, 1999,

was another slice of alien brilliance, HELLBENT working with Charles Levi (THRILL KILL KULT) and the members of CHEMLAB.

Now a full-time band with Jared Louche (CHEMLAB) as a permanent member, Hardcore Vanilla is

HELLBENT's most provocative and dangerous statement yet. Thunderously produced by Martin Atkins

(KILLING JOKE, MINISTRY, DAMAGE MANUAL), it is a crushing record that combines elements of Rock, Pop and Industrial. From the twisted, melodic aggression of "Switching Off"

and the damaged pop-funk of "Time" to the 30bpm roar of "Heliophobic"s sultry menace, it is full of

lush beauty and raw power. It is a unique album loaded with hooks and dance-noise crunch. It is a

take-no-prisoners sound rich in attitude and the swaggering confidence that only comes from years of recording and touring. Martin Atkins' production is more pioneering and aggressive than ever and infact set

one of the studio speakers on fire. Hardcore Vanilla is THE quintessentially cool Machine Rock record.

The members of HELLBENT all loom large as cult figures in the "Industrial" scene. Between them Bryan,

Eric and Jared have released over a dozen critically acclaimed albums. They sold well in the

marketplace and on the road, and gained high praise from the press (Rolling Stone, AP, Outburn, etc.).

CHEMLAB, HALOBLACK and 16VOLT all have loyal fanbases as well as a

strong on-line following. The interest in both Hardcore Vanilla and the upcoming winter tour with

DAMAGE MANUAL is already intense and growing rapidly.

With a dangerously powerful sound that can level whole city blocks, HELLBENT's Hardcore Vanilla is

guaranteed to satify fans of CHEMLAB, HALOBLACK, 16VOLT, NINE INCH NAILS and MARILYN MANSON.



-Bryan Black released three albums with HALOBLACK, worked with PRINCE, TRICKY, GEORGE CLINTON and has toured extensively including dates with MARILYN MANSON. Black has

also done songs for the recent Blair Witch Project video game.

-Eric Powell released four albums with 16VOLT, the last released on Mercury. The band has toured lots

and is in the process of recording a new album. The last album "Supercool Nothing" sold 5,000 units.

-Jared Louche released three albums with CHEMLAB ("Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar" and "East Side

Militia" each selling over 20,000 copies)as well as touring with the likes of NINE INCH NAILS, WHITE ZOMBIE and KMFDM. Last year he released Covergirlon Invisible Records.

-All of the CHEMLAB back catalog available on Invisible. New CHEMLAB record in the Fall.

-Features Charles Levi (THRILL KILL KULT, PIGFACE and DAMAGE MANUAL) on bass.

-Features songs by Raymond Watts (PIG, KMFDM) and Anna Wildsmith (SOW, PIG) -Features programming by CHEMLAB's Servo.

-Tours in January with DAMAGE MANUAL and in the late spring.


Jared is releasing a new album!

It is due out in August on Invisible Records so be sure to check it out.

Oh, and by the way, it is without Dylan

He worked in investment services in New York

City and is now living in Boston. Hell3ent 0.02 will be a double E.P.

album that contains unreleased material from Chemlab members and

new Hell3ent material as well. A full length album will be released later

with Dylan. Chemlab is thanked on 16 Volt's new album

"supercoolnothing". Servo is currently on tour with 16 Volt.  

I saw both Jared and Dylan at the 16volt show in NYC so ha!

Jared will be touring with Pigface during December. Jared and Martin Atkins

will be making a record together in London during Jan/Feb. Jared is putting together a

multi-media festival in London a few months later/ Then during the summer of 1999, he will

be writing a new Chemlab album without Dylan. Guest artists currently include Tom Servo

and Bill Rieflin.

Dylan Moore is living a day to day existence doing internet work and writing material for

his project with John DeSalvo, entitled something to the effect of Ultradrug or Superdrug.

John DeSalvo is currently on the road as a drummer for Slipdisc Records artists 16Volt.