we gave birth to Television (Zeus) emerging from our brow (Zenith) blurred the sky with radar dishes choking up the airwaves its coming down our kiss gives blisters the Midas touch Medusa in smoke stacks turn to tarmac highway ribbons factory stench belching cover up the air in a cloak of black blow the fuse in overload we gave birth to one thousand suns above our heads we gave birth to fire in the sky a stitch in time now hypodermic beaches drowning in nedical waste waves of cotton hairballs blood clots oil drums bursting the Exxon backwash leaves a bad taste power failure socket burnout ozone turned to aerosol water and lead and iodin (a toast) and apathy will dig a grave for us all

I Still Bleed

legs bent and twisted up underneath me limbs like
wood my blood flows like pitch my body shudders and curls against your jaw blackened and burned in need of a stitch or two your disease comes sinking into me its teeth all chiseled mercilessly hammering my nerves until I'm split and severed but somehow you don't see I still bleed down the long grinding night a cigarette burns a slow hole into my split lip my eyes burn out cause I see too much I touch your mouth cold skin your hips kiss the wound where I still bleed lying just South of your Mouth acid burns in every kiss loaded breach and swallowed barrel I never thought it might come to this try to hold myself shut together stapled sutured but everytime we touch then I still bleed

Blunt Force Trauma

hunt them out drag them into the streets humiliate them baseball bats spinning out of control in the city's belly running wild through out the veins of the night mangle ripped clothing "open wide" nothing you can do abduction "he's so cute" daddy's little boy getting all amped up to split this toy ugly joy ride gang rape revving engines overheating boiling up exposed and bleeding little boy tossed from fist to fist don't make a sound watch him squirm and twist gasoline sweat gleams screams they don't care spinning out of control drunk on the violence ugly joy ride to the outside of town force his face down watch the scene distorted focus ugly and mean going to tear him up amped up for a nasty joy ride spinning out of control going on an ugly joy ride spinning wheels clenched teeth split lip "bad trip" gang raped bang bang he's so cute daddy's little angel like a sponge to soak up all the fluid braking off inside

Black Radio (in the neon blur)

let's go current jumping decode the matrix keys plug a virus spreading out in the system there's a hole in the network there's a blackout on the wire electricity crackling in electric city black radio in the neon blur velocity curve don't get caught in the power surge don't get caught blackout boys don't get trapped live wires don't get trapped or burned out on bad current velocity backlash what's in the air tonight a retrovirus coming up on your blindside 360 degree scan watch your back don't get trapped in a lockdown electricity drunken hardwired for down link in the Silent Underground accelerating through cool grey static picking up on blackbox transmissions the tribe is in the system tonight a retrovirus coming up on your blindside 360 degree scan watch your back future shock don't get trap in the past