Jared is releasing a new album!

It is due out in August on Invisible Records so be sure to check it out.

Oh, and by the way, it is without Dylan

He worked in investment services in New York

City and is now living in Boston. Hell3ent 0.02 will be a double E.P.

album that contains unreleased material from Chemlab members and

new Hell3ent material as well. A full length album will be released later

with Dylan. Chemlab is thanked on 16 Volt's new album

"supercoolnothing". Servo is currently on tour with 16 Volt.  

I saw both Jared and Dylan at the 16volt show in NYC so ha!

Jared will be touring with Pigface during December. Jared and Martin Atkins

will be making a record together in London during Jan/Feb. Jared is putting together a

multi-media festival in London a few months later/ Then during the summer of 1999, he will

be writing a new Chemlab album without Dylan. Guest artists currently include Tom Servo

and Bill Rieflin.

Dylan Moore is living a day to day existence doing internet work and writing material for

his project with John DeSalvo, entitled something to the effect of Ultradrug or Superdrug.

John DeSalvo is currently on the road as a drummer for Slipdisc Records artists 16Volt.